Kapic Media

What makes us different

Christopher and Will Kapic are brothers and owners of Kapic Media. They want to help small businesses grow as well as work with big corporations by using their unique videography talents and skills. Will has been the official videographer for the Roncalli High School Basketball team. He has spent countless hours learning his camera equipment and video editing software. He has taken classes on shooting and editing. He uses DaVinci Resolve 18 as his main editing software, the same software used to create most Hollywood films. Christopher has his professional drone license. He has completely mastered every aspect of every drone he has. Whether you need flips and 360s or buttery smooth footage, Christopher is the man. Christopher is so precise with his drones, he is capable of flying indoors!

"They say a picture is worth a thousand words...well, a video is basically thousands of pictures put together to form action....I'll let you do the math, but the basketball videos that Will has created for our basketball team to capture our 2022 run to a state championship is something that I will treasure for a long, long time. I was simply amazed at what Will was able to create to help our team remember the special journey that we were on together. I will be forever grateful for all of his hard work."

Roncalli Head Coach: Joe Garceau

  • Christopher Kapic

    Drone Pilot

    • Will Kapic

      Videographer and Editor