Kapic Media

What makes us different

Meet Christopher and Will Kapic, the dynamic brothers and co-owners of Kapic Media. Their mission is to empower small businesses and collaborate with large corporations by utilizing their unique talents and skills in videography. With a passion for their craft, they bring years of experience and expertise to each project they undertake. Will has honed his videography skills over the years by serving as the official videographer for the Roncalli High School Basketball team. Will is graduating from Liberty University with a degree in Business Administration with a marketing cognate while also pursuing a minor in Digital Media. He has invested countless hours in mastering his camera equipment and video editing software, while also taking courses in shooting and editing. He relies on DaVinci Resolve 18, the same editing software used in creating most Hollywood films, to create stunning visual masterpieces. Meanwhile, Christopher possesses a professional drone license and has achieved mastery in every aspect of his drones. Whether you need flips and 360s or smooth and silky footage, Christopher is your go-to person. He is so skilled that he can even fly drones indoors with precision, making him a true expert in his field. Together, Christopher and Will form a dynamic duo, ready to bring their passion and skills to any project.

"As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. But when it comes to video, it's like having thousands of pictures seamlessly woven together to form a captivating narrative. Will's basketball videos documenting our 2022 run to a state championship were nothing short of extraordinary. His exceptional work captured the essence of our team's journey in a way that will be cherished for years to come. I am truly grateful for his dedication and the passion he put into producing such a high-quality product."

Roncalli Head Coach: Joe Garceau

  • Christopher Kapic

    Web Infrastructure Engineer and Drone Pilot

    • Will Kapic

      Videographer and Editor

      • Ben Smith

        Assistant Videographer and Editor